California Veterinarians

California Veterinarian DentistVeterinarians in California will tell that Teeth cleaning for dogs is as important as it is for you. Because bad teeth cannot be easily noticed in dogs, most of the dog owners tend to ignore this very important aspect of their dog’s dental health. With that said, let’s dive a little deeper and find out why Veterinary Clinics say teeth cleaning is as important as any other aspect of your dog’s overall well being.

Why is Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth  Important?

Veterinarians from San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego will agree that proper dental care for your K-9 pal is vital. Here are some of the reasons why a dog owner must make sure that his dog gets his teeth cleaned at regular intervals:

• It has been noticed that by the age of 3 years, around 85% of dogs start showing signs of periodontal disease. A bad tooth is one of the known reasons for periodontal disease.

• Bad teeth in dogs may lead to bad breath and tooth loss. Your pet may even find it painful to chew food.

• Bacteria under the teeth may cause severe diseases of liver, kidney and heart.

• Professional teeth cleaning can only remove plaque and tartar from a dog’s teeth. The nerves and blood vessels in our teeth are surrounded by dentin. The dentin is covered by a hard layer of enamel, which, over time, is washed away by the saliva.

As the enamel is washed away, plaque takes it place. The plaque is a combination of bacteria and saliva. If we ignore brushing away the plaque, it turns into a gritty material called tartar or calculus. The bacteria formed can lead to the damage of bones and ligaments that hold the tooth.

For a thorough teeth cleaning in dogs, the pet will need to be kept under anesthesia. You can reduce your visits to professional dog dentists, if you follow regular dental care at home. Knowing how to care for your dogs teeth can certainly help him have better teeth over the course of his life.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Risks, With and Without Anesthesia?

Anesthesia Risks For Your Dog  

Before putting any pet under anesthesia, the vet does a thorough examination of the pet’s overall health. With the help of various other tests, he makes sure that all the major organs like heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver are working properly. Here are some of the risks that you dog is subjected to when he is put on anesthesia:

• Age is a major factor to consider when deciding whether the dog must be put under anesthesia. It is very risky to put older dogs under anesthesia.

• Before the procedure of teeth cleaning, it is necessary that the food should be withheld from the pet for at least 12 hours. You should also avoid serving water to pet at least 4 hours before surgery. If this is not followed, the dog might become vulnerable to problems of the digestive system. However, the instructions may vary from vet to vet. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the vet beforehand.

• Anesthesia must always be administered in right amounts. The quantity of anesthesia given to the dog is decided based on his weight and activity. An overdose of anesthesia can be fatal for the dog.

Risks of Anesthesia-free Teeth Cleaning

Here are some of the drawbacks of cleaning your dogs teeth without the use of anesthesia:

• As human beings, we are cooperative with our dentists when it comes to dental cleaning. But in case of animals, it becomes difficult as they turn might start moving vigorously or turn their head without any warning. This might cause injury to the pet or even to the person handling him.

• Teeth cleaning for dogs can be a painful procedure. If the vet cleans below the gum line, there is a high chance that the dog will react.There is also a risk involved that the bacteria may get pushed deeper inside the cavity and finds its way into the blood stream.

• The dental examination of Brachycephalic dogs (short-nosed, flat-faced dogs such as Boxers, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pekingese and Pugs) and dogs with pre-existing heart conditions is quite complicated and risky. They might face ocular injuries from inappropriate holding and infection might happen due to any cut made inappropriately.

• As dental cleaning is a cosmetic procedure, it can be best conducted when the dog is completely still. Any movement by the dog during the cleaning would mean leaving the scope for imperfections.

Veterinary Cost For Dog Teeth Cleaning?

Most of you already understand that having a dog means spending a lot on his well-being. However, for the love of our dogs, we often go to any extent.

The cost of teeth cleaning for dogs varies from place to place and from vet to vet. You can expect the cost of cleaning your dogs teeth to vary between $300 and $500, depending on the kind of dental work your dog requires.

In many cases, you may also have to pay extra for extractions and other special treatments. Presence of periodontal disease and high amounts of buildup under the gum line can escalate the costs significantly. In rare cases, you might even be charged more than $1000.

You might find the Vet clinic dental treatments expensive, but with great results, it is money well spent. In fact, it is recommended that you start cleaning your pet’s teeth when he is still a puppy. Remember that in order to win his trust, you need to give him lots of love and care. And it will make your California Veterinarians job much easier.